Ethan Master Of The Hawiian Ukelele


Truth is certainly stranger than fiction. Ethan Master of the Hawaiian Ukulele was born in a volcano with nothing but a dream and board shorts. The crowd gathered round and oohed in wonder. "Give him a guitar!" they shouted. And give a guitar they did. See, Ethan never really played the ukulele, except for on one long out of print 7". He was a Texas singer-songwriter, plain and simple. From a volcano. And he picked that guitar every which way, finger style, strummer style, behind the head Hendrix style, you name it. He played rock, pop, folk, and sang the blues. If ever there was one born to surf the nations highways, this was it.

Fiction is stranger than truth. After releasing a debut album at the age of 21 to favorable local press, Ethan Smith (the ukulele master that is) pursued working in a band format as leader for "psychedelic-reggae" group Spiked Punch, self-releasing an EP on Brattleboro, VT label Spookytown Records and then issuing a full length in the mid-oughts. The full length "Death of a Mango" saw production from Spookytown honcho Peter Nichols, as well as current Ariel Pink synth meister Paul Millar.

Having spent a decade touring nationally for various basement-tier pop combos so fantastically named they may as well have been found in a Pynchon novel -- Ponyboy and the Horsegirls, Snow Wite, Killer Ghost, Mellow Owl, Party Plants, Spiked Punch, Reverse X Rays -- and recording alongside Rough Trade artist Bill Baird, things have come circle and Ethan Master of the Hawaiian Ukulele has risen again as a solo artist, this time battle-hardened and wizened with new material to share a new perspective.

A stash of previously unreleased material entitled "No Man is an Island" is due digitally and on cassette fall 2018 on Subtropic Records, featuring artwork from ...And You'll Know Us From the Trail of Dead frontman Conrad Keely. Both traditional and high-concept, this collection of 12 tracks showcases a lightness of spirit and a grand sense of exploration, musically and otherwise, and is set across both European and North American back roads.


New Album Coming!

1. Fortune is Smiling on Me

2. Music Is Free

3. Ah Sieben

4. Bonnaire Backyard

5. Very Special Lady

6. Le Ballade d'DSK

7. Fishhook for a Brain

8. Hotel By the Train

9. Mississippi and Georgia

10. I Do Declare

11. Tie Her Up to the Traintracks

12. Its a Funny Thing